The Factory is a virtual roof under which to produce video games and projects in the videogame field through collaborations between the members coordinated by IPID.

The Factory‘s projects are non-profit and completely voluntary based.

Each of them has the objectives of publishing on video game stores and developing collaborations with other realities (such as the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna).




In all projects of the IPID FACTORY, those who participate and contribute to the development, will be able to participate free of charge in the IPID-iMasterArt specialization courses.
It will be included with the maximum possible visibility in the credits of the project to which the member will have collaborated.

If you are interested in participating and contributing to the development of a FACTORY project, write to, indicating in the message:

  • SUBJECT of the email: Request for Factory
  • Your curriculum vitae, complete with your references
  • Link to videos/sites of your projects, to your portfolio
  • Text in which you write because you are interested in participating

The number of collaborators for the Factory are limited by the free availability that the partner companies and/or senior members of IPID can support.
For this a selection is made.


In order to be selected, the following are required:

  1. Guarantee of sufficient time to devote to projects (at least 2/4 hours a day)
  2. Pre-existing skills
  3. Interview (remotely)
  4. In the event of a successful interview, passing an entrance exam (to be held over a weekend).