IIDEA is the trade Association of the video game industry in Italy. It attributes identity and a common voice to the sector and addresses issues of shared interest with a unitary approach.

The Association was founded in the early 2000s. Originally the members were mainly multinationals in the sector based in Italy. Since 2011, with the birth of numerous video game development studios in Italy, it has expanded the membership base to include Italian companies that produce video games, which today represent the vast majority of members. In 2019 they opened the Association to the esports world, welcoming the first teams and organizers of esports events as members.

Currently they bring together more than 60 members that include video game console manufacturers, multinational video game publishers, Italian video game developers and esports operators.

Internationally, they have been members of the European trade Association ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe) with headquarters in Brussels since 2002 and have been members of the Board of Directors of the same since 2005.

They are also members of the Management Board of PEGI, a video game classification system that helps parents make informed choices when buying.

It is an agile, streamlined and result-oriented Association. The working methods are pragmatic and based on the constant involvement of the shareholders, in order to ensure that the action is always in step with the constant evolution of the sector. IIDEA members are at the center of any choice and action of the Association.