Due to the sanitary emergency caused by Covid-19, Svilupparty cannot take place like every year at the Videoludic Archive of the Cineteca di Bologna.

For this reason, Sv1lupp4rTPO was born, a reduced version of the classic Svilupparty – it lasts one day and not three as tradition – which takes its name from the location where it will take place, the TPO social center (Teatro Polivalente Occupato) in Bologna (Via C. Casarini , 17/5).

Last year Sv1lupp4rTPO was successful, so also this year, on 10th July 2021, we want to continue to allow developers and aspiring developers to get to know each other, establish professional relationships, present and let their games and ideas be tested.

Association IPID – Italian Party of Indie Developers wants to remain a point of reference for young independent developers who are entering the profession of video game development, as well as organizing the party par excellence of Italian independent developers.